Want to see Ocho Rios from a different vantage point? Taking a tropical forest adventure tour up to the 700-foot mystic mountain peak will do just that. This environmentally friendly attraction, located in the heart of Ocho Rios, only 5 minutes away from the cruise ship pier or Dunn’s River Falls, offers a unique array of adventure tours for all ages. Explore the forest’s rich ecosystem, sparkling river streams or simply enjoy the spectacular views. Mystic Mountain offers three unique and exhilarating excursions: Sky Explorer: Positioned prominently at the park’s entrance, the Rain-forest Sky Explorer is a state-of-the-art chairlift that sends guests soaring above the treetops up 700 feet to the top of Mystic Mountain. The descent carries them through the heart of the canopy, giving them firsthand glimpses of the wonders of the tropical seaside rain-forest. Bobsled Jamaica: The park’s signature attraction, Rain-forest Bobsled Jamaica, features a 1000 m long gravity-drive through the rain-forest on custom designed, high-tech sleds. Accessible via the Sky Explorer, the Bobsled is a thrilling ride through dense tropical landscapes and coastal features on sleds that evoke Jamaica’s Olympic team. Zip-line: Our secure Zip Line attraction whisks travelers through the verdant rain-forest canopy, gliding from one platform to another. Visitors can top it off with a short ride down the Rain-forest Sky Explorer.

TRANOPY PACKAGE This three in one package offers: the Rain-forest Sky Explorer, Rain-forest Bobsled Jamaica, and the popular Zip Line. The Sky Explorer carries guests above the trees to the peak, then both the Bobsled and Zip line sends them speeding through the heart of the forest. For fun, safe adventure, this comprehensive package is the best way to experience all of Mystic Mountain Jamaica’s Rain-forest wonders.

RECOMMENDED CLOTHING AND GEAR – Lightweight clothing Sunscreen Binoculars Camera Sunglasses Comfortable footwear.

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